Strawberry & Passion Fruit Cooler

When it’s time to celebrate the holidays, there’s nothing like getting together with family and friends and toasting to a great year. But be smart about what’s in that glass you’re raising! With holiday in season, festive cookies and treats are not you’re only cause for holiday weight gain. Sugar-laden booze pack on a significant amount of calories, too. Think cocktail varieties — sangria, mojitos, cosmos and more. For a happy and healthy new year, try making this lighter berry-infused mocktail.

Yield: 4 servings
Total Time: 20 minutes


▪ 2 Limes, cut in wedges
▪ 20 Strawberries, sliced
▪ 12 Mint Leaves
▪ 4 Tablespoon Granulated Sugar
▪ 1 1/2 cups Young Scent Passion Fruit Vinegar Drink
▪ 1 1/2 cups Club Soda, chilled
▪ Ice, for serving


▪ Divide the lime wedges, strawberries, mint leaves, and sugar between 4 glasses and muddle.
▪ Distribute the passion fruit vinegar, club soda and ice into the glasses. Gently stir and serve chilled.

Health Benefits:

High in antioxidants, strawberries are a bona fide superfood packed with antioxidants and vitamins including vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E, as well as minerals like potassium, which helps regulate heart rate and lower blood pressure. Strawberries are also an excellent source of iron, which is required for red blood cell formation.

Combined in this refreshing cooler, passion fruit vinegar is rich in enzymes to help digestion and high in potassium to help regulate heart rate and lower blood pressure. It is also an excellent source of dietary fiber, which helps reduce LDL cholesterol.

Get Started & Drink Up

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