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Why Fruit Vinegars?

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For centuries Taiwanese cultural beliefs have embraced the ideas that vinegars promote healthy bodily function.

Fruit Vinegar is known to contain natural protein enzymes and prebiotics known as The Mother of Vinegar.

Prebiotics are soluble fibers found in plant based foods passed through our gastrointestinal tract to the colon, they are fermented by probiotics and used as fuel.

Taiwan is located in subtropical and tropical zones and its climate is suitable for growing varieties of fruits in all seasons

Our fruits are collected from organic farms with no pesticides, no GMOs, nothing fake. 

How is our Vinegar made?

Young Scent Fruit Vinegar Process



  1. Our vinegars are made by first harvesting and collecting fruits.
  2. Once the fruits are collected, the fruits are pressed and fermented outside in earthen jars from the energy of the sun. Better traditional vinegars are then aged for months to years after fermentation.
  3. Our fermentation and aging process is a 3 month process. This process extracts the nutrients and aromas of the fruits to enhance the benefits and taste that you don’t get from conventional vinegar from your local market. This allows the vinegars to develop more unique, rich, and smooth flavors and not just be acid bombs.
  4. We heat treat the products prior to packaging - with pasteurization - to extend shelf life.
  5. Some of our products wind up in small packages, or others in large packages and are then shipped to customers. 
All our vinegars contain The Mother of Vinegar which is the most healthiest aspect of vinegar because it contains enzymes, electrolytes, antioxidants, and prebiotics.
Fruit Vinegar Benefits Young Scent