1. Our Products

Does it contain alcohol?

No, our beverages do not contain alcohol.

Is the sugar naturally made or occurring?

The sugar is naturally made by fermentation byproducts of our unique processes. Nothing artificial or fake.

Are there new flavors coming soon?

Yes , we are planning to release in the beginning of 2021. Check back soon!

Is the product Kosher?

We are working towards a Kosher certification for all our products. So you can say that our products are Kosher. 


Will you get a USDA Organic Certification soon?

Yes we are working towards a USDA Organic Certification. Expect to have all our products contain the certification in 2021!

Are you currently in stores?

We are primarily online at this time. We have several locations in LA and Orange County

Do you ship internationally? 

Yes, only to selected countries. Please email hello@youngscent for more info. 


How can we partner with you? 

Email hello@youngscent.com for partnership opportunities.


Are your products safe to take everyday?

Yes all our products are safe to take everyday.

Is it safe for children to consume your products?

Yes, all our products are safe for children to take!

Is it safe to take your product if you’re pregnant?

We strongly recommend consulting with a physician before taking our products if you are pregnant.

Who should take extra precautions while taking your product?

If you have any concerns or health issues, we strongly recommend consulting with a physician before taking our products.

How do I get a refund?

Please read our return policy. If you have any concerns regarding refunds, please email hello@youngscent.com and the team will gladly help.

What do I do if my order is incorrect and I need to make a change? 

Please email hello@youngscent.com as soon as possible if you need to make a change in your order or if your order is incorrect. Please also refer to our Return Policy as well.  

  1. Fruit Vinegar Beverages

How should I store my product?

All our products can be stored at room temperature. We recommend our Fruit Vinegar Beverages to be refrigerated or chilled for optimal taste.

What type of sugar is in the drink?

The sugars are naturally forming byproducts of our fermentation processes. Nothing artificial and nothing fake.

Do the Beverages contain juice?

No, the products do not contain juice. 

What's the acidity level of the Fruit Vinegar Beverages?

The acidity level of our Fruit Vinegar Beverages are low acidity ( ~1.5 -2 % )

What does it taste like?

 Our beverages taste like fruits that you choose from! With a small kick of vinegar or none at all!

How many ounces should we take each day?

The American Diabetes Association recommends a minimum of 1 ounce serving of vinegar each day. There is nothing wrong with consuming more than one ounce per day. 

( We suggest taking 4-6 oz per day )

Are Fruit Vinegar Beverages similar to Kombucha?

Kombucha is fermented by SCOBY while our Fruit Vinegar Beverages are fermented by the respective fruits that they are derived from and aged to perfection to meet your daily needs.

  1. The Go! Superfood Powders

Why consume the powdered supplement form vs. the liquid shot form from other products?

The Powdered supplement packets are more potent and easy to carry. They also contain dietary soluble fibers!

How many packets should I consume each day?

We recommend consuming one packet each day. There is nothing wrong with consuming more than one packet each day.


What technology did you use to make the powder?

After fermenting and aging our Fruit Vinegars, we further freeze dry the Fruit Vinegars which leaves behind a concentrated vinegar powder packed with optimal benefits.

What’s the best way to consume the powder?

The best way to consume the powder is mixing with your favorite beverage (Water, Tea, Smoothie, Coffee, etc). You can also mix it with your fruit bowls, cereal, oatmeal, etc. You can even consume the powder straight up! The possibilities are endless.

What’s the dosage of fruit vinegar in each packet?

The dosage is 200 mg of Fruit Vinegar for each packet.


What if the powder doesn't dissolve well?

We suggest using lukewarm or hot water to help dissolving 

Does this product contain the Mother of Vinegar”?

Yes, our Superfood Powders contain the essential "Mother of Vinegar" which is packed with enzymes, nutrients, protein, and electrolytes to meet your daily needs.