• Conscious Living Through Mind and Body Awareness.

    Our Story.


Young Scent cultivates health and wellness through conscious living. We believe that it all begins with simple ingredients from the soil to the seed, handpicked and harvested from organic farms.


Our promise to you.

Gratitude. We believe life is a celebration of our passions, our health, and our loved ones. We believe in the benefits of Young Scent in maintaining health and wellness, so that you may give thanks and live your life to the fullest.

Vitality. We believe in fueling your body with clean, organic, and ethically sourced foods. Our handcrafted creations aim to rejuvenate, energize, and invigorate.

Integrity. We believe in simplicity, traceability, and accountability in all of our ingredients. There is no compromise in delivering the highest quality product to you. Our ingredients boast the highest standards and undergo the most rigorous practices.



Rich in culture and tradition, Tainan, Taiwan boasts a stunning natural landscape and bountiful agriculture. Among its beauty and history, many sustainable orchards have been established; including the orchard where we source our fruits,Chen Jia Zhuang Orchard.

Chen Jia Zhuang Orchard, founded 1989, was picked for it’s unique set of shared values with Young Scent. Its owner, Chen Kuen-Sheng, inspired Jeff with his conscious agricultural practices and dedication to an all-natural and organic production of exotic fruits.

Handpicked and harvested, free of pesticides, chemical fertilizers and herbicides, our orchards boast fruits of the highest quality because we believe in absolute accountability for our ingredients.









I’ve always had a passion for the health and nutrition world. I wished to build a sustainable brand of organic products that bring joy and health to the people we serve. In 2016, I launched Young Scent and took on the task of creating health food and beverages that didn’t detract from flavor. I wanted to provide people with a brand that was just as synonymous as “health” as it was “delicious”, as too often, the two are left unpaired.
We strive to stay competitive with ourselves as a company and push our limits to always provide quality goods to our customers. We have put so much heart into creating a product that shares a piece of our vision. With all that being said, thank you for embarking on this journey with us!

Jeff Lee
Founder & CEO


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