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  • The fresh fruits undergo complete fermentation (saccharification  ->alcoholization -> acetification ).
  • Fruit yeast ferments the fruit alcohol ( wine ) into vinegar.
  • The resulting vinegar undergoes a process of yeast removal until the vinegar reaches a pH range of 2.0 – 3.0, to ensure that no live yeast is present in the final product.
  • By undergoing this process, the fruit vinegar retains the essences and flavors of fresh fruit.

They are from the southern, tropical region of Taiwan. The fruits are organically grown by our local farmers, who have obtained certified-organic verification from the local government.

Taiwan was carefully selected as the location for our production because of its climate and terrain. Taiwan is a tropical island that has always boasted bountiful fruit harvests, and crafted foods are a Taiwanese forte. Moreover, Taiwan is where we discovered the fragrant, healthful, and beautifully crafted vinegar.

It’s rock sugar (unbleached). Instead of refined sugar, which is detrimental to health, Young Scent uses unbleached rock sugar because it is unprocessed and therefore, contains traces of minerals and nutrients

Yes.  None of the ingredients in our products are derived from grains or flours.

Not exactly. Fruit vinegar’s low acidity preserves the nutritive substances that undergo the fermentation process from fruit wine to vinegar. In contrast, Kombucha is fermented from the tea with the help of symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast.

There is no established FDA standard for the term “vegan”, nor is there a legal definition for the term. However, we can be considered vegan as we do not use ANY animal products in our drinks.

We have tons of recipes made by ourselves, bloggers, or our fans on our blog or or our Instagram!


Yes. Please check our Facebook page for job postings.

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We always welcome the opportunity to collaborate with businesses and bigger corporations that share the same values as we do. We also seek to establish partnerships with strong local businesses that are looking to make a positive impact in the community.

Young Scent’s values are rooted in the desire to provide our customers with top quality refined-tasting beverages made with the freshest tropical ingredients. This means values such as individuality, vitality, and integrity. Read more on our mission here.

Yes! Young Scent’s wholesale program offers high quality fruit vinegars at price points that suit any budgets and needs of your store. We currently offer 2 different types of products:

  1. Fruit Vinegar Drinks (ready-to-drink, 600mL) and
  2. Premium Fruit Vinegar (concentrate, 300mL).

Contact us today to see if you qualify for a free sample pack to your store. We will send you a variety of our different products and flavors. If you would like to sample more products you can simply place a small test order.

Contact us for wholesale pricing here.