Pear Passion Fruit Cooler

Nov 23, 2021| Check out our new recipe created by @drinkswithchar

"Since it's going to reach 90 degrees F today in mid November a refreshing cooler is required. 

Using the passion fruit flavor from the @youngscent fruit vinegar line to make this delicious cocktail. I love this line because there are no added sugars, this gives you the freedom to play with the sweetness level by adding fruit juice or syrups. 

Want to make it low alcohol or mocktail?? Add 20z over ice & top it off with Prosecco or sparkling water."


  • 1oz pear juice
  • 1oz vodka 
  • 2oz Young Scent passion fruit vinegar beverage
  • Ice & Shake 
  • Double strain in glass of choice

Add on: Garnish with passion fruit