Chen Jia Zhuang Orchard

Jun 28, 2018 | News Story

A Brief History:

Despite its fertile grounds, and dense, tropical climate that is perfect for growing a variety of fruit, Taiwan has seen its share of struggles regarding organic farming and sustainable agriculture. This is due to government regulations that include strict limitations on land use and farming practices. However, this did not discourage Chen Kuen-Sheng to set out and achieve his goal of creating and nuturing a farm that put integrity and eco-conscious farming methods at the heart of its practices. This was what led to the birth of Chen Jia Zhuang Orchard.

Chen Jia Zhuang Orchard:

Chen Jia Zhuang Orchard is a 100% eco-friendly, organic, and sustainably-minded farm based in Tainan, Taiwan.  In the 1980’s, Chen Jia Zhuang Orchard was ahead of it’s time and established rigorous faming practices such as banning the use of artificial pesticides and the practice of fabric-wrapping and in it’s set practice of using only organic fertilizers. In addition, Mr.Chen ( the founder of Chen Jia Zhuang )worked in local towns to manage or elimate local pollution that affected the health of his crops, as well as acheived the very impressive feat of employing open-air cultivation devoid of greenhouse , plastic wrapping and netting.The water source that is used to grow the crops is closely monitored to ensure that everything is produced with only the cleanest water available.

Why Young Scent works with Chen Jia Zhuang Orchard:


Young Scent is ecstatic to be able to say that we source all fruit for our fruit-drinking vinegars and vinegar-concentrates from Chen Jia Zhuang Orchard. Chen Jia Zhuang Orchard has been long revered for it’s delicious passionfruit and mulberry, 2 base flavors found in the Young Scent product lines.  We have to say are incredibly happy to partner with this respected farm.  At Young Scent, we believe in every single one of our products becuase they boast the flavors of the Tawainese tropics without ever compromising the health of both you as well as Mother Nature.

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