Yes, it is. While we all love komchuba, it’s important to mix it up, both for your taste buds and your gut health. This is where drinking vinegar comes in.

There’s a new kid on the block, drinking vinegar, and it packs a punch with a refreshing tang and infusion of fruity notes.

Why Are We Puckering Up About ‘Sour’?

Forget the sugar-loaded drinks of the past and say hello to the future of the tart and sour.

Ongoing consumer concern about sugar consumption and its health effects has driven 84% of consumers away from sweet tastes altogether, according to market research organization Mintel.

“The global trend toward more sour ingredients was driven by more than just an aversion to sugar; globalization has exposed consumers to more sour flavours, from Greek yogurt, to fermented Korean kimchi, to Chinese sour plum, or German sour apple.” – Stephanie Mattucci, Mintel Global Food Science Analyst

Although fermented food and beverages have been popular for many years in Southeast Asia, Western consumers are quickly adopting for more ‘real foods’, spurring development of sour beverages like kefir, kombucha and drinking vinegars – known as shrubs.

The rising ‘sour’ trend takes the gut-healing properties of apple cider vinegar to the next level by fermenting it with herbs, spices and fruits for a modern twist to an old-world elixir.

What are Drinking Vinegars?

We all know that drinking a shot of raw apple cider vinegar is great for our health – if not, read this article to catch up. But, vinegar diluted in water tastes like, well, vinegar. While some find, it refreshing, many people do not like drinking apple cider vinegar – no matter how good it is for them.

That’s where drinking vinegars come in. Drinking vinegars offer a smoother, more palatable way to reap the benefits of vinegar in your diet. Blended with nourishing fruits, herbs and spices, drinking vinegars have an undeniable grab-and-go convenience factor plus a super healthy and delightfully refreshing taste. They come in a range of exotic flavors, such as passion fruit, peach ginger, lemon cayenne, ginseng mandarin, and mulberry.

What are the Benefits?

Although a few vinegar-based drink companies are exploring other kinds of vinegars beyond apple cider, it’s by far the most well-known and consumed vinegar. Considered the most nutrient-packed type, apple cider vinegar benefits include improved digestion and blood circulation, reduced high levels of LDL (bad cholesterol), and increased metabolism.

The health benefits of drinking vinegars do not stop there. When consumed with meals, drinking vinegars help lower blood glucose and insulin response, increase calcium absorption and promote weight loss. Still curious, hop on over to this article to learn more.

How Do I Get Started? 

Curious about their drinkability?

If you like kombucha, odds are you will enjoy the tartness of drinking vinegars. The sour notes supply a refreshing tang; the fruit essence infuses a balanced sweetness.

To get started, experts recommend consuming vinegar drinks first thing in the morning to eliminate toxins. Just be sure to read the label to discern if the sugar content is excessive. A good rule of thumb is to keep your total daily sugar consumption under 25 grams.

Get Started & Drink Up 

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