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If you’re after something light and fresh on a balmy summer evening and don’t feel like cooking then this is the recipe for you. What you decide to put inside is really up to you, this is always a good opportunity to clean out the fridge of leftovers from the week. When assembly your summer rolls it’s always best to have a combination of crunchy, creamy and soft. Things like shredded cabbage make a great filler, whereas avocado, mango, mint and radish give you all the textures and flavor you could want in a Summer Roll.

We’ve teamed up with Saphira Rasti of Peanut.Head  to create this recipe using our Pineapple Premium Fruit Vinegar Concentrate. Our premium fruit vinegars come in 3 flavors (Pineapple, Mulberry and Passionfruit) and boast similar benefits to Apple Cider Vinegar. Some of these benefits include; balancing pH levels, increase metabolism, stimulate digestion, lower blood glucose, and improves blood circulation.

In today’s recipe spotlight, Saphira mixed a few capfuls of our vinegar into the shredded cabbage base which gives a great fruity vinegar taste throughout, so you get a hint pineapple in every bite.

Makes 6 Rolls

What you’ll need:

  • 1 pack of rice paper   
  • 2 cups of shredded cabbage (i used 1 c of purple and 1 c of white)
  • 3 caps of Young Scent Pineapple Premium Fruit Vinegar Concentrate
  • 1/2 avocado
  • 1/2 a large mango
  • 2 easter radishes
  • 1/2 watermelon radish
  • 1/4 cup fresh mint leaves
  • 1/4 cup pineapple salsa
  • 2 tbsp hemp seeds
  • 8 sprigs of radish sprouts

What to do:

  1. Place shredded cabbage into a medium bowl (if using 2 different kinds keep them separate so you can mix and match later)
  2. Evenly pour the Pineapple vinegar over your shredded cabbage, along with the hemp seeds.
  3. Mix until coated, set aside.
  4. Prepare your radishes with a mandolin; cutting into thin slices
  5. Cut your mango into long thin sticks and avocado into thin smaller pieces
  6. Set fresh veggies aside ready for the rolling process.
  7. In a deep fry pan fill it halfway with water and warm slightly. (The water should be warm, not hot as the rice paper will become too hard to handle if it’s overcooked)
  8. Once water is at the right temperature, immerse one rice paper sheet in at a time, taking it out almost immediately (no more than 10 seconds) and lay onto a large flat plate. 
  9. Now it’s time to add your filling and roll it up. 
  10. Firstly lay out your desired veggies (radish, avocado, mango or mint), layer on a few different types of veggies, lastly add your cabbage mix, ensuring you don’t overfill the sheet and keep the arrangement in a long rectangular shape
  11. Now it’s time to roll.
  12. Start by folding over the top and bottom of the rice paper sheet laying flat onto of your filling, next turn the plate 90 degrees to the right, fold over the rice paper sheet closest to you, keep the filling tight and together roll it over completely.
  13. You should now have a nice little parcel 
  14. Continue these steps until all ingredients have been used up. 
  15. Serve with a side of pineapple salsa to really drive home that tropical flavor.
  16. Enjoy! 

Disclosure: This blog post was provided and written by Saphira Rasti of Peanut.Head, a plant-based clean eating blog!

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Nicole Derseweh

Join us as we partner with Chef Nicole Derseweh this Saturday, September 30th in Venice, California for her first ever Mermaid Brunch! Enjoy fun, whimsical, and entirely plant-based eats through this themed meal. Reserve seats here.

This 5-course themed menu is $54 per person including a mermaid bunch and an optional mermaid shot (+$6).


Beverage: Mermaid Punch

This beautiful multi colored cocktail has magical healing properties that would impress Titian himself and call to you like a ocean Siren. Oh..and Champagne..yeah, it has Champagne!!! (can be made non alcoholic upon request.)

Course 1: Castles in the Sand

Ahoy Matey! This Sand castle is made of gluten free oats and is guarded by a mystical aqua Mermaid-milk moat, and packed with super foods. You’ve never had your oats like this before!!

Course 2: Peachy Ceviche

Holding on to that warm summer sun we are going out with a bang! We have a stone fruit and hearts of palm ceviche highlighting grilled peaches and served with a “coral reef” crudite`.

Course 3: “Lobster” Bisque

The chef’s take on a traditional favorite utilizing Lobster mushrooms and Heirloom tomato. Sebastian the crab says thank you(for sparing my life) and “You know you wanna kiss da girl!”

Course 4: Octopus Garden

This Octopus Garden will make you want to be under the sea! Meat free sausage octopuses swim on a bed of sea greens and hang out with clam shell un-tuna tea sandwiches. Sponge Bob is going to be bummed to not have gotten the invite but he always gets too handsy with the cuddle fish.

Course 5: Karma Baker Splash Donut

This donut by Karma baker is as beautiful as it is divine. Complete with edible sparkles and fondant mermaid tail…its going to be huge splash!

About Nicole Derseweh

Nicole Derseweh is a world-class vegan chef and YouTube Celebrity with a culinary background from Le Cordon Bleu. Nicole comes from a long heritage of family chefs. She is building a worldwide, conscious media empire to inspire vegan newbies with her inspiring and entertaining YouTube channel as one of the cornerstones. You can currently experience her creations at high-end events and exclusive pop-up dinners in and around the Los Angeles area.

Her innovative and delicious plant-based creations consistently impress even the most skeptical critics. She is hardworking, professional and extremely creative. Her passion is to share the love, excitement and compassion of vegan living through decadent dishes that persuade even the most ardent meat lovers to smile in gustatory delight.

This vegan socialite is delightfully quirky and refreshingly off beat, as she innocently blurts out truths like a little kid saying the most unexpected things. She’s effortlessly funny – a “big sister” type who deeply values close friendships and family. She has a fierce warrior heart to match her skills in the kitchen and is not afraid to throw down and get dirty in the name of fitness. In essence, she’s the vegan love child of Rachel Ray and Louis CK!


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